Lavendermist McTeague

Lavendermist McTeague

I was out wandering the grid today and came across a memorial for Lavendermist McTeague.

Lavendermist McTeague’s memorial in the Vaoetere Region of Second Life.
Memorial sign for Lavendermist McTeague in the Vaoetere Region of Second Life.

It was sad to hear and think about the life of this person I’d never met. But also lovely that this 512 m2 parcel has been remembering her for almost 11 years now. She was pretty damn stylish for 2012! I can only imagine what she might look like and wear today in the mesh era.

I’ve heard that the average grave in the average physical world cemetery is visited less than 1 time ever after the initial burial. People like me wandering the Second Life grid must come across Lavendermist’s memorial more often than that. Plus, it has way cooler photos than physical world gravestones ever have.

I’m sorry I never met you, Lavendermist.

But glad you had a time to spend in these worlds.

And that you’re remembered so sweetly by your loved ones.

Lavendermist McTeague’s SL profile as it exists today, 10-1/2 years after her passing. I rezzed about 8 months before her passing. We did occupy this world for a brief span of time. Mostly her time was before. And mine has been since. Like avatars passing on the grid.
Spending a bit of time at Lavendermist McTeague’s memorial in the Vaoetere Region of Second Life.

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