visiting with Katherina Schapira

visiting with Katherina Schapira

Me, as seen through the radiant glow of Katherine Schapira’s honey wings

Katherine Schapira (Katherina Schapira)

Katherine was a playful model/friend at Kai Heideman’s shop Powers of Creation (POC). I didn’t know Katherine forever the way I did with Charly December, but it was sweet spending time with her.


*Away from SL indefinitely*


I’m a generally a friendly if slightly silly futanari and even though I’m bi-sexual, I’m sorry but NO GUYS unless I ask. I consider myself a top/domme but I have been known to switch on occasion.

Married to my sis, Maddie on 29/6/2010, cos I love her so much.


“Same personality… different life.”

I’m 25+ and here to meet new people and enjoy experiences not possible in my 1st Life.


I Love Rubber and Latex, the smell, feel, look and sound of it. Such a delightfully wonderful material, there’s nothing quite like it. Guaranteed to drive me wild and make me even hornier then normal.

I love to wear it as much as I can in RL and SL in fact chances are if I’m wearing it in SL then I’ll be wearing it in RL too.

There’s nothing quite like getting fucked hard while being totally encased in rubber, or even just wearing a simple latex outfit.

So if you see me in something casual like above or something more extreme and even featuring a gasmask… Do me a favour if we start to play/ get frisky don’t start asking me to remove too much of my latex cos you’ll more then likely sour my mood.

P.S. Only us girls look so damn good in Rubber & Latex, sorry boys…

Powers of Creation – You should shop here… Why you ask? Simples, not only is POC one of the best latex in Second Life for quality and value for money, but it was once home to the ONLY latex modelling Faerie in the whole of Second Life… That’s right….Me!!!!

Katherina Schapira, SL Profile

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