Jackie Graves

Jackie Graves

I interviewed Jackie Graves, designer of GRAVES – Leather/Latex/Metal – Fetish & Cyberpunk for the Forceme Silverspar Latex Blog.

While the blog still exists, Forceme’s changed it from “public” to “read by invite only.” And, unfortunately, I haven’t seen Forceme around in 10 years. So our interview, just a little like the scrolls in the Library at Alexandria, exists somewhere in the universe, but we are unlikely ever to read it again. Just assume my questions were lame and Jackie’s answers were brilliant.

As for insights on Second Life avatar fashion circa 2009, I don’t know. At least we have these images! You can see what Jackie and I looked like in 2009. Or at least what we looked like wearing inspiring Graves Leather/Latex/Metal outfits! Get a nice skin, hide your fingers in gloves and your toes in shoes — what more does a modern avatar need?

In addition to the “vintage” Graves’ we’re wearing in these 2009 photos, Graves has continued to ride the wave of Second Life fashion design, moving to appliers, mesh, and BOM.

Thank you, Jackie, for so many years of making avatars look great!

Quality fetish and cyberpunk fashion. leather latex outfit sexy clothes catsuit plugsuit bodysuit coat harness corset gloves swimsuit underwear boots footwear scifi slink hourglass omega maitreya belleza bom dress pants skirt roleplay space manga comic

Parcel Details
Journalist Kate Nova interviewing fetish fashion designer Jackie Graves at her mainstore in the Oxymoron region of the virtual world Second Life.
Jackie Graves
Kate Nova and Jackie Graves at GRAVES – Leather/Latex/Metal – Fetish & Cyberpunk in the Oxymoron region of Second Life.
Kate Nova and Jackie Graves standing on the roof of Graves Leather-Latex-Metal in the Oxymoron region of the real metaverse, Second Life.
Kate Nova and Jackie Graves on the roof of her shop in Second Life.
Kate Nova and Jackie Graves in the courtyard in front of Graves Leather-Latex-Metal in the Oxymoron region of Second Life.

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