Honey Puddles Interview

Honey Puddles Interview

I interviewed Eclectic Randomness creator Honey Puddles for Forceme Silverspar’s latex blog. Sadly, the blog is no longer accessible. And I can’t find the text from our long interview anywhere on my computer. At least these pictures remain.

5:06 pm – Honey Puddles & Kate Nova interview in one of the cargo bays at Puddles’ shop Eclectic Randomness. Honey put out coffee and cookies for our conversation.
7:39 pm – Honey Puddles
8:07 pm – One of Honey Puddles’ many products is Latex Implants that match Kai Heideman’s POC Latex Catsuits. Honey gave me a pair of her implants and I already had a catsuit from modeling at POC. We tried them on and took a selfie.
8:34 pm – We couldn’t just wear them in the shop. We had to test them out. So we went dancing. (Avatar Physics won’t be introduced for another 2 years, in 2011. So no bouncing tonight)
10:32 pm – Even sans physics, dancing sometimes leads to inspiration.
11:58 pm – and then we just talked for a long time.

Thank you for a wonderful interview, Honey.

Even though I no longer have the text of our interview, in my profile notes for Honey it says:

3 gallons of honey

I have no memory of what that means!?

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  1. “3 gallons of honey” — I still don’t know why I put that in my notes. But reading this post now, it occurs to me that I once saw a piece in the PW where performance artist Karen Finley had 3 people in Pooh Bear costumes come out and one-by-one pour a gallon of honey on a stage. Then Finley came out and did a movement/spoken word performance.

    Maybe I wanted to dance in honey with honey???

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