Erik Hugo

Erik Hugo

I interviewed Erik Hugo, mastermind & designer magnifique @ Hugo’s Design, for Forceme Silverspar’s Latex blog. The blog still exists, but was changed from “public” to “invited reader only” and I don’t think Forceme has been around for a decade now, so permission to read isn’t likely to be forthcoming.

Worse, my meticulous archival skills have failed! I can’t find the transcript of our extensive and no doubt captivating interview anywhere on my computer. So, my lame questions and Erik’s brilliant answers are sadly lost to virtual history.

At least my archival skills only half failed. I do still have the photographs from our interview and here they are! Revel in the awesomeness of our 2009 SL avatars! At least if you have to wear an ’09 avi, you can look your best in Hugo’s Design latex! Just try not to let anyone see your fingers! Or toes!

Designer Erik Hugo in conversation with journalist Kate Nova at the Hugo’s Design world headquarters in the virtual world Second Life.
Erik Hugo
Erik Hugo & Kate Nova.
Erik Hugo and Kate Nova in conversation in a hallway at Hugo’s Design in the Sheer Region of the real metaverse, Second Life.
Erik Hugo and Kate Nova in conversation under a giant Ellen Huet star poster.
Erik graciously sent over a few outfits for me to try on!

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