Visiting with Ellen Huet

Visiting with Ellen Huet

Top Model Ellen Huet and I upstairs in the Hugo’s Design offices.

Ellen Huet

Back when I was a latex model for Kai Heideman at Powers of Creation (POC), mega-blogger Forceme Silverspar hired me to do interviews with fashion designers for some of her many blogs. I interviewed latex designers like Jackie Graves and Honey Puddles. For my interview with Erik Hugo of Hugo’s Designs, I also did a photoshoot of some of his work with his top model Ellen Huet and I wearing various outfits.

That was all 2009, and since then I think Ellen and I have both been off wandering in that fantasyland known as RL. When Erik spotted me online a few days ago he sent me one of his recent outfits. I went by the shop today and who should turn up but actual Ellen! She took me upstairs and gave me the ten cent tour of where the magic happens.

Hi there 🙂 I’m the (un)official Hugo’s Design model! Feel free to ask me anything 🙂 Maybe I can even help you(!) If I don’t respond (I’m not online that often anymore) and you need help for Hugo’s Design stuff, please contact Hugo’s Design Latex CSR!

Ellen Huet, SL Profile

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