Visiting with Ellen Huet

Visiting with Ellen Huet

Getting a fashion show from Ellen as she tries on new clothes from her latest haul.

Ellen Huet

Ellen went shopping for a photo shoot with an old Hugo’s model pal. We metup in her friend’s photo studio. I got a free fashion show as she tried on her haul from CryBunBun. Since I last saw her she’s switched to the Kupra body! Ellen says she’s wearing it full time now. S she likes it a lot.

CryBunBun Mainstore

Sexy & Kawaii female clothing! Rigging for Legacy, Legacy Perky, Maitreya, Belleza, INITHIUM Kupra, eBody Reborn (soon). Curvy, chubby, and big girl oriented clothing. DDLG, Daddy Dom/Babygirl fitting theme!

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  1. When the power great of minds come together, amazing things happen. A recipe is only as good as its ingredients.…

  2. This was such a great time!!! I am so glad I was able shake my booty with all of you!