A Cool Cheer Uniform 4 a Hot Summer

A Cool Cheer Uniform 4 a Hot Summer

Planet Earth is melting!

I know — I know, I know, I know — when I was whining about the heat after practice on Thursday, Taylor said,

Melting? What are you talking about? I live in Australia! It’s the middle of Winter!

And then Lumyai chimed in

It’s winter in Thailand!

Enjoy the cool weather, Southern Hemispherists. We’ll have our revenge in 6 months when we Northern Hemisphere Hegemonsters make you celebrate Christmas in the middle of Summer! 😛

For some of us here in the north, it’s pretty hot. Oppressive, sweaty, popsicle-melting heat. When the message came through on Thursday that we were wearing Cheer Shells & Body Liners I begged JTS to let us just wear the Crop Tops! Alas, I was too late. Apologies to anyone I dripped sweat all over!

Maddy wearing her “Aero” uniform!

Summer Uni?

Back in January I worked with Maddy to design a fun, cooler weather uniform. “Worked With” means I coughed up a few L$ and Maddy did all the great work! I was thinking it might be nice to create a Summer Uniform that’d make me feel a little less oppressed these days. Like those gorgeous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Uniforms with the short-shorts and the huge belts!

I snagged a few pix and put together a concept board of what might be fun:

On the Physical World (PW) cheerleaders their perfectly fit short shorts tend to look great. It seems like in SL the short shorts, while cute, have a bit of clunkiness to them. These high-waist short shorts seem to solve that and still look adorbs!

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