Australia with Aunt Renie!

Australia with Aunt Renie!

Two people, Renie Morningstar and Meg Morningstar, on a bridge with the Sydney Opera House in the background behind them.
Aunt Renie and I in Sydney, Australia, posing with the Sydney Opera House in the background.

Renie Morningstar

Aunt Renie was my favourite aunt. She was the “eccentric” one. She’d come to the house and talk about “crazy” things and my parents would roll their eyes and hope “Crazy Renie” wasn’t polluting my young mind.

She was the only relative who didn’t treat me like a child. She shared her life and her ideas with me. I think a lot of who I am today was inspired by Aunt Renie.


One day she called me up and said, “Let’s go to Australia!” She bought me a plane ticket and paid for everything. Here’s a photo of us in front of the Sydney Opera House. This wound up being the last trip I ever took with Aunt Renie. This was January 2014 and in September she passed away in her sleep. No drama, no suffering. Just a simple, elegant Aunt Renie exit.

Renie Morningstar

8 June 1933 – 4 September 2014

I love you Aunt Renie!

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