My 13th Rezday & 3rd SLCS Service Day!

My 13th Rezday & 3rd SLCS Service Day!

Today was my 13th rezday! Linden Lab sent me a “happy rezday” card this morning. Then this evening, I received a 3rd year of service award from SLCS! Sayrah presented me with a supa’cool trophy after practice!

Aero van Winkle’s 4,748 Days of Sleep!

  • 13 Jan 2009 – SL Rezday (4748 days (mostly sleeping))
  • 18 Jan 2011 – Applied to be an SLCS Trainee
  • 23 Feb 2011 – Accepted as an SLCS Cheerleader
  • 13 Jan 2022 – 13th Rezday & 3 years of service SLCS Award
A "rezday" card from Linden Lab to Aero Bigboots wishing a happy 13th rezday
My 13th Rezday Card from Linden Lab. Woo!
Aero Bigboots at home in Second Life with her just received SLCS 3 years of service award.
My 3 years of service to SLCS trophy on my dresser at my little parcel, “Aero’s Happy Place”.

So, I don’t actually know how they calculate “years of service”. Well, I do, your award comes with a detailed notecard explaining it all.

I’m pretty sure I don’t really have three years of service. (I suspect ONE is pushing it). I think SLCS was just being gracious. Graciousness, I have learned, is what SLCS does. Maybe a one year of service award seemed a drop humiliating for someone who joined the squad in 2011? Maybe I’m not just “The Prodigal Cheerleader,” but SLCS is also the father in the parable of “The Prodigal Son”, not going on about how foolishly you squandered things off in the not-so-great big city, and just throwing a party of joy to have you home again.

I won’t put you, or myself, through the misery of doing the arithmetic on my service. I will simply be gracious and say

Thank You!

for this beautiful award. It is great to be home.

The SLCS Rank Controller Loves Me!

Speaking of arithmetic, my SLCS Rank Controller gave me some remarkable news:

Screen capture from the SLCS Rank Controller showing that Aero Bigboots is projected to become SLCS Sr. Co-Captain in 296 years.
It’s true! At my current rate of progress, I will be SLCS Sr. Co-Captain in UNDER 300 years!!!

Thank you Sayrah for scripting these wonderful Rank Controllers!

When I see the scripting that Sayrah does for the squad, or all the uniforms that Maddy works on, the classes peeps teach, or all the others who contribute in so many ways, even by simply being beautifully silly, I’m humbled. I read a great quotation earlier today,

Work is love made visible.

I see that in all the cheerleaders who work to make SLCS the great experience that it is.

The Second Life Cheerleading Squad (SLCS) Locker Room with junk all over the floor.
A little “beautiful silliness” in the SLCS Locker Room.

Cheer 401, Again!

I took Cheer 401 – all things Cheermaster HUD – on Tuesday. It was the 2nd time I’ve taken the class. The first was on 9 Feb 2011. My philosophy is: Take Cheer 401 once every 11 years, whether you need it or not! 😛

Angel the dog in front of a group of SLCS cheerleaders practicing a formation.
Remi and I (“Littlepaws” & “Bigboots”, aren’t we adorable!?) took Alison Moore’s Cheer 401 class along with PracticeBot1, PracticeBot2, PracticeBot3, PracticeBot4, and PracticeBot5. It’s embarrassing how much better the PracticeBots are than me! I felt super-rusty, although Angel claims it wasn’t that bad! Also, I think PracticeBot3 kind of has a thing for Remi!
Cheerleaders practicing a human pyramid formation at Srooc Skytower Memorial Stadium in Second Life.
OMG! I’m Back on the Pyramid Again! And yes, I am hearing The Sunshine Company’s 1967 recording “Back on the Street Again” in my head as I’m up there.
Cheerleaders gathered after practice to listen to announcements.
Announcements after practice at Hangar ’39 – O’Hare’s Gap, and Sayrah presented me with my >cough< “3 Years of Service” award!
Aero Bigboots, Baby Andromeda, Joni Temple Shadow, and Baby Natalie at an SLCS party.
Baby Andromeda and I hanging out with Joni and Baby Natalie at last Friday’s SLCS party!

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