Today’s Cyber Monday Outfit

Today’s Cyber Monday Outfit

OK, not really a “Cyber Monday” outfit. Mostly just my “Monday” outfit. I did indulge in some Black Friday shopping over the weekend, meeting up first with Azul, then later Odia, Hero, and finally Simmy for fun shopping adventures.

After it was all done and I’d been a diligent little avatar and put every inventory thing in the appropriate place, I had the sudden urge to buy one last something for this “Shopping Spree Weekend”. I headed over to Ricielli, where I metup with Simmy, tried on a few things and settled on this cozy outfit. Ricielli had lots of cute things with hot pants and short skirts, but the weather here in the Northern Hemisphere is getting cooler and I’m in much more of a snuggly mood than anything tropical! I love this new outfit! Haha! I’m so glad I ventured out to buy one last thing!

Kate Nova enjoying a delicious, peppermint hot chocolate at The Rainy Cafe in the real metaverse, Second Life.

The Rainy Cafe

Come in out of the rain. The coffee and treats are fresh and there are plenty of cozy corners to curl up in.

Discover a carefully-curated space for those who think life is better with coffee, conversation, and calm rainy days. ♥

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Parcel Details / Evangeline Miles

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