Playing with Rubberslick Tiponi

Playing with Rubberslick Tiponi

Rubberslick Tiponi came to shop at POC. IDK if she was shopping for latex or domination, but she got both.
Me, with Rubberslick Tiponi on a leash. We don’t actually get paid extra for having customers on a leash. But it’s amusing.
Rubberslick Tiponi wears a lot of lipstick. And left a few kisses on me.
Rubberslick Tiponi looking thru my legs. The POC models stood on tall pedestals above the shoppers. So if a shopper came up to you it tended to be one of those thru-the-legs shots. Oh, Kai! It’s so James Bond!
I dragged Rubberslick Tiponi up to the POC roof and we played around for a while. It’s nice to get out of the shop once in a while. The latex fumes get to you eventually.

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