Hunting Acorns with Odia

Hunting Acorns with Odia

Toward the end of September my daughter Odia and I were getting excited to join The Nature Collective’s “Fall Hunt” and go looking for acorns! We waited for October 1st to finally arrive! And then got busy and kept missing each other all month! Finally, today we had a chance to go hunting for acorns!

We started at Toe Beans Cat Café & Rescue. We found an acorn and got the list of all 25 locations!
We found 3 acorns and then took a break for coffee and checkers. I won! Well, I think Odia let me win. Wait! A good mom probably lets her daughter win? Right? Uggh! Bad mommy strikes again! Anyway, it was fun.
Look at how tiny Odia is stomping through the giant living-plant-logo at Moorcroft!
We found a few acorns. Then we got to a few places with obscure hints and giant areas of dense foliage and we couldn’t find the acorns. We stomped around for a while looking. And then took a break to dance.
And then took a break for a drink.
And then took a break to eat.
And then took a break to enjoy the view at the amazing Nature Collective sites.
And then took a break at a cool Book-House.
And then took a break from Acorn Hunting to check out the Haunted Reef!

The Haunted Reef!

Ride underwater in a 2-person submarine to our amazing Haunted Reef! Who knows what waits for you down there… under the waves… where no one can hear you scream!

Haunted Reef Notecard
We boarded a 2-person submarine and descended into the depths of the reef.
How do all these skulls wind up on the ocean floor? And is that giant crab coming for us??
Who doesn’t love a dancing skeleton!
Odia Busch. Most beautiful girl on the SL Grid. #unbiasedMom
A sunken ship & pirates!
We survived! Thank goodness!

Giant Sized Pix

All the pix all over again! Just in case you wanted to see them giant sized. Click on any pix for full-screen. You can use arrow keys to scroll thru them.

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