Charly December

Charly December

My first, original, actual, Daily Booth post from Sunday, 21 Feb 2010. Me on the left, and my BLFF (Best Latex Friend Forever) Charly. Or as Baal, whose English wasn’t so great, called her, “Charity”.

We’d often model at Kai Heideman’s Powers of Creation for hours. Sometimes there chatting away and engaging in silly antics. Sometimes AFK. The entire shop was No-Rez, but there was a small rez area for peeps to open their packages. When Charly would go AFK, I’d rez prims and then drag them over to her. Sometimes I’d encase her in a crystal sphere. Or, in this image, I’m shoving a red spear through her heart. Nothing extreme! 🙂

Being a latex model at POC was the dumbest job you can probably have on the grid. And by far the most fun I ever have had, or ever expect to have, in SL. Simple, silly, fun with a great friend like Charity. Those were the days.

Kate & Charly @ Kai’s Magic Kingdom.

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