Black Bra #2: Risque Cecilia

Black Bra #2: Risque Cecilia

The 2nd black bra I ever purchased! Cecilia noir from Erratic/Risque!

I popped by Skygirl Kline’s always hopping, but seldom dancing, Lesbian Loft to snap my Daily Booth pix for today.

Kate Nova and about 2 others dancing. Dozens standing at Skygirl Kline’s Lesbian Loft in the Corchalo Region of Second Life.


Lesbian Loft

Come relax, dance,chat , profile peek or perve cam lol. Easygoing, eclectic never mainstream! Lesbienne,女の子の愛,Lesbisch, Lesbiana, Lesbica,レズビアン, Loft, Persian Room, the Loft

Parcel Details
Kate Nova, Black Bra #2: Cecilia noir from Erratic/Risque.

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