Roadkill Roller Derby – 1st Race

Roadkill Roller Derby – 1st Race

Last Friday we had tryouts for Roadkill Roller Derby. Tonight we had our 1st set of races.

Ready to rumble!
Blockers ready to start the race. Behind is are the two Jammers for Red Team & Yellow Team.

I don’t know much about Roller Derby, but here’s what I do know.

  • Teams of 5 (or less if you have less!)
  • Only the Jammers score. It’s an X-lap race between the 2 of them. The Blockers try to slow (take out!) the opposing jammer and protect or accelerate their own jammer.
Red Team won our first race I was the jammer for. “Simplejackit” is the referee! So “2nd” actually means 1st!
Lined up for another race!

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